Kunst & Kultur i Balance is for everyone who wants change

is an initiative which, from 2020, has been financially driven by organizations across the industries. In 2022, we will work based on a donation model, which makes it possible for everyone to be part of our behavior-changing journey.


There is neither a lower nor an upper limit to what you – as a private person or organization – may and can donate.


If you want to donate as a private person and do not need an invoice, you can transfer directly to our bank account. Write down your full name and KKIB in the subject field. If you wish to appear on the website with your name, please forward an email to the address below after transfer.


Bank: Sydbank 6735 – 0000140884

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact Sofie Holst Hansen at

*All donations go towards running the initiative and creating relevant content and activities.