Kunst & Kultur i Balance (Art and Culture in Harmony) are always working with initiatives and activities, which contribute to increasing representation and inclusion in different ways, as well as breaking down barriers in the arts and cultural industries. Here, you will find an overview of our previous and future events.


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Networking and community are essential to our work to create change

Learn more about that, and much more in the video below, where two participants share their insights and reflections from our workshop in Aarhus.

Video: ROSA // Workshop with In Futurum in Aarhus Sep. 19, 2023


Our two workshops provided knowledge about norms, biases, privilege, and transgressive behaviour in the arts and the cultural industries, as well as an opportunity to network with like minded individuals working within other organisations in the industries. They were facilitated by In futurum’s Moussa Mchangama.


These networking events were intended for everyone working within the cultural and creative industries, and gave participants the opportunity to talk to each other in the form of speed meetings, and exchange knowledge, experiences and ideas.

This course took place online, and consisted of five seminars, all intended for newcomers. At the seminars, participants learned about unknown biases, diversity and inclusivity, and they were given relevant tools for working with change.

Our networking event took place at VEGA, where participants could update their knowledge on diversity and inclusivity, as well as refresh methods on how to combat your own, as well as others’ unconscious biases. We were visited by the Cultural Minister, Jens Rottbøll from Living Institute, and representants from the campaigns Stregen i Sandet and Restage. Participants could also network with other agents of change and colleagues across creative and cultural industries. 


At the Cultural Meeting we discussed biases, transgressive behavior and barriers in the cultural and creative industries. 

Kunst & Kultur i Balance invited the creative and the cultural industries to an educational course, focusing on changes in structures, processes and behaviour to create a more harmonious culture within the industries. The course stretched across 4 online modules, and was developed and held in collaboration with anthropologist, diversity expert, and behavioural expert Tinna C. Nielsen, and her organisations Move the Elephant for Inclusiveness and Inclusion Nudges.   

Kunst & Kultur i Balance invited agents of change – experienced as well as newcomers – to a networking event filled with insights, eye openers, ideas, exchange of experiences, new relations and talks.

Kunst & Kultur i Balance partook in the digital Culture Meeting, with the panel debate “A Life within the Cultural Industries without Abuse of Power”. At the panel, participants discussed how to stop abuse of power and sexism within the industries.

The panel was hosted by Anja Bo, and consisted of:

  • Bjarke Svendsen, leader of the music venue ALICE CPH
  • Daniel Andersson, Director of Dansehallerne
  • Eva Frost, leader of JazzDanmark
  • Kirsten Barslund, Project Manager of DFI’s mangfoldighedsindsats
  • Tinna C. Nielsen, Behavioral Designer at Move the Elephant for Inclusiveness

This workshop and the following networking event, was for everyone in the cultural industries. It was integrated as a part of the Talk Town festivals, to place our initiative as a natural part of the greater societal debate on diversity, equality and inclusivity. 

At the panel “How Do We Create More Equality and Diversity in the Creative Industries?” we discussed what we, as cultural operators, can do to foster diversity on performing stages, film sets, and drawing studios around the country. 

Kunst & Kultur i Balance’s first initiative was a course founded on changes in behaviours and culture. The course took place from 16 December 2020 to 23 March 2021, and was held online via Zoom. It consisted of:

  • 1 Kickoff event
  • 6 Seminars

Photo: Malene Henssel // Networking event at Musikhuset Sep. 23, 2021