Kunst & Kultur i Balance (Art & Culture in Harmony) is a joint movement and resource platform, which works to break down and create positive change in regards to structural barriers, unconscious bias and transgressive behaviour existing in the industries. 


The art and cultural industries should and must be inclusive, regardless of gender identity, sexuality, age, ethnicity, functional variance, religion, body type etc.!

The aim is that we consider representation and inclusion as both a strength and a necessity in order to reflect the world we all inhabit.

Kunst & Kultur i Balance - a movement across actors and industries

Kunst & Kultur i Balance was initiated by the music organisation Art Music Denmark, and was created in the autumn of 2020, following the testimony of women working within the music industry. The initiative quickly spread to involve 31 organisations across music, art, film, theatre, museums, performing arts, and more.

Since then, we have trained +250 “agents” working for change from all across Denmark, published a Knowledge Manual and an Argumentation Guide for free usage, as well as hosted different networking events, panel discussions, and workshops. All with the purpose of giving the arts and the cultural industries tangible tools, in partnership with colleagues in the industries.


The movement is strengthened by collaboration: all activities in Kunst & Kultur i Balance are launched by the steering committee, consisting of six organisations in the industries. 


The music organisation Tempi is the current project owner. It is run by Tempi and the music organisation ROSA.

Focus Areas

Kunst & Kultur i Balance has five general focus areas:

  1. Creating knowledge and insights amongst everyone working within the arts and the cultural industries.
  2. Creating real change in behaviour, culture, and systems.
  3. Facilitating learning through practical methods and experiments in daily work life.
  4. Accumulating knowledge and experience across the industries – use what works, change what does not.
  5. Creating a joint ressource for the industries, with practical initiatives, tools, and methods.

Photo: Malene Henssel // Networking event at Musikhuset Sep. 23, 2021

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