Kunst & Kultur i Balance was initiated by Art Music Denmark (formerly known as Snyk) and saw the light of day in the autumn of 2020 as a result of the many testimonies from women in the music industry. However, the initiative quickly grew to involve 31 organisations spanning from music to visual arts, film, theatre, museums, performing arts, and many more.
Since then, we have trained +250 ‘Agents for Change’ from all over Denmark, published a Knowledge Manual and an Argumentation Guide for free use and hosted various network events, panel debates and workshops. All initiatives are based on the intention of providing the art and cultural sectors with tangible tools developed in collaboration with colleagues in the cross-sectional industries.
The movement is strengthened by the fact that all initiatives are based on cross-disciplinary experiences and all activities are set in motion by the Steering Group, which consists of six organisations from the different sectors. The project management and ownership is currently held by the music organisation, Tempi.

Focus Areas

Kunst & Kultur i Balance has five overarching focus areas:

  1. To create knowledge and insights among everyone who works in the arts and cultural industry
  2. To create real changes in behaviour, culture and systems
  3. To facilitate learning through practical methods and experiments applied in daily work
  4. To collect knowledge and experiences from all sectors – to use what works and change what does not
  5. To co-create a joint industry resource consisting of practical initiatives, tools and methods